Instructions for authors

  1. Articles should be prepared in English based on a template (template. dotx) made available by the editors at the journal’s website (
  2. Files must be sent to:
  3. All submissions are subject to initial technical assessment by the editor-in-chief of the journal.
  4. The maximum volume of the submitted material cannot exceed 10 A4 pages, prepared in accordance with the template. Submitting longer articles must be agreed with the editors.
  5. Graphics, charts, tables included in the article should be black and white, good quality, legible.
  6. It is recommended that after the “Bibliography” it contains the title, abstract and keywords in Polish. In the case of authors who do not speak Polish, translations will be done by the editors.
  7. Our journal particularly emphasizes that the generally accepted rules on the authorship of scientific papers are observed. In particular, all applicants who have a significant contribution to the submitted paper must be mentioned. It is not permissible to attach to the list of authors persons who did not have a significant contribution to its preparation. Test and illustrations of other authors used must be adequately described with reference to the source. The editors are obliged to inform authors that any detected signs of scientific misconduct, such as ghostwriting and guest authorship will be revealed.
    Ghostwriting applies to a situation where someone has made a substantial contribution to the publication, and his contribution as one of the authors is not disclosed.
    Guest authorship is a situation in which the author has a negligible contribution or no contribution, and yet he the author/co-author of the publication. 
  8. Works submitted to the journal should be original, previously unpublished.
    They cannot be submitted, in any form – abstract, expanded or similar – to other journals or at conferences.
  9. In case of doubt, the editors ask that the Authors contact them via email:

Reviewing procedure

The procedure for reviewing and qualifying scientific articles for publication in “Computer Science and Mathematical Modelling”
  1. The scientific material sent to the editors in the form of a file must be prepared by the authors in accordance with the template made available on the journal’s website.
  2. The sent article is subject to preliminary technical assessment by the editor-in-chief of the journal. If an article is not compatible with the profile of the journal, or if it is not prepared in accordance with the requirements of the editorial staff, it is sent back to the author.
  3. If the article meets the prerequisites, the editor-in-chief, after consultation with the subject editor, sends the article to the reviewer who specializes in the given field.
  4. The list of reviewers is made public once a year, in the original (paper) version of the journal.
  5. Reviewers do not know the identity of the authors, and the authors do not know the identity of the reviewers.
  6. The principle of no conflict of interest is maintained between the reviewer and the author of the article.
  7. A review shall be given in writing and drawn up on a specially prepared form made available on the journal’s website.
  8. Comments of reviewer requiring the author to make corrections are sent to the author through the editorial staff.
  9. Objections raised by the author to the review are sent to reviewers through the editorial staff.
  10. After considering the author’s objections and the reviewer’s answers to the comments submitted by the author, the editor-in-chief decides on how to proceed.
  11. Articles can be published after they obtain a positive review or are approved by the editor-in-chief after considering the author’s comments to the review and the reviewer’s response to the comments submitted by the author.