About CSMM

The journal has been published since 2015 and it is a continuation of the "Biuletyn Instytutu Systemów Informatycznych" (ISSN 1508-4183). The journal is published twice a year. The initial (reference) version of the journal is the paper edition. The journal publishes original articles, written in English, prepared in accordance with the recommendations contained in the editorial INSTRUCTIONS FOR AUTHORS. Articles are reviewed in accordance with the REVIEW PROCEDURE. "Computer Science and Mathematical Modelling" is the journal indexed in the databases:

Aim & Scope

"Computer Science and Mathematical Modelling" meetin a large number of scientific fields. These include, among others:

  • software specification and modelling,
  • formal methods,
  • software evaluation,
  • artificial intelligence and simulation,
  • applications of information  systems,
  • decision support systems,
  • medical information systems,
  • evaluation of systems,
  • mathematical modelling tools,
  • processes modelling and efficiency analysis,
  • models and algorithms in military and transport applications,
  • statistical analysis,
  • system reliability,
  • pattern recognition and similarity theory,
  • quantum computing and photonics simulation,
  • optimization methods.

Recent articles

No. 5/2017

  1. P. Augustynowicz, A. Buraczyńska - Comparison between experimental, analytical and simulation model of distributed computation on ARM processors in High-Performance Computing
  2. K. Banach, R. Kasprzyk - Software environment for rapid prototyping of graph and network algorithms
  3. D. Dzida - Using complex networks in social impact models
  4. P.A. Ryszawa - On sentence membership problem in context sensitive languages
  5. P. Wołoszyn - Assessment of ranking algorithms in complex networks